Summary of Server Power Supplies

posted on 02 May 2015 | electronics | hacks

For my purposes, must have a cardedge connector

Primary: HP PS3381-1C1 - 12V@32A, 5V@5A post

I've been using one of these for a few months on my Mini Kossel without any issues. It handles a 40W cartridge heater and a 120W heated bed with ease. The fan is noisy, but it could be worse. Can be had for $10 shipped!

I'm working on an easy PSU conversion board for this here.

Other options:

  • Dell NPS330BB A - 12V@18A, 5V@35A, 3.3V@10A post Looks like a great LED PSU!
  • HP 511777-001 - 12V@38.3A post
  • Sony APS-111 - 12V@34A post
  • HP DPS-600PB - 12V@64.5A, 5V@2A, 3.3V@8A post
  • Some HP - 12V@100A post
  • More
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