Can letters in the kitchen

posted on 01 Apr 2014 | signage | upcycling | interior design

Earlier today, my roommate texted me a picture of a sign that her work was going to throw out. When she got home, I convinced her that we should go and retrieve it!

First, we removed the letter faces.

With the faces free, we removed the screws that were holding the letters to their bulky mounting rail.

Letters free from the rail.

We were surprised to find that the letters were lit with neon. We removed the bulbs and placed them aside.

After returning home, we cleaned the letters and lined them up to prepare for lighting.

We then stuffed the letters with string lights.

Letters in place above our kitchen cabinets. We were lucky they fit!

This was a fun diversion for today, but we'll probably have to redo them with LEDs if we decide to keep them around for long.

If you like this spontaneous bit of work, you should see what my roommate does over at Electric Trees!

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