Kinivo Bluetooth module

posted on 28 Feb 2014 | hardware

Module Overview

Kinivo BTC 450


Audio wire colors: Left: blue, Gnd: red/copper twist, Right: green

Power wire colors: Positive: red, Negative: copper (both are in thin plastic sheaths)


All switches are NO with 10k pullups to 3.3v

Has exposed SPI and UART ports

Remote Overview

Axxess RF remote

Been running for almost two years on the same battery! Surprisingly, the plastic is visibly worn where it's been rubbing under my radio.

  • 8 buttons
  • Powered by a coin cell
  • uC is an rfPIC
  • Receiver uses a PIC18F2520

I used a custom firmware to toggle test points on the receiver when buttons are pressed. I preserved all radio communications so I can still control the radio station or CD track (as if I'd ever want to).

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