Listing a Product on Tindie

posted on 16 Feb 2013

Late last month, I designed a simple micro USB breakout board on Upverter. I would have bought Sparkfun's breakout, but it does not expose the ID pin - which I needed. I ordered the tiny PCB from OSH Park, but the design is available here for anyone who wants to have it built themselves. Note that you'll need to rename the gerbers from Upverter's naming scheme to OSH Park's.

Since I have a number of micro USB connectors and some extra boards, I decided to list the board on Tindie. If you happen to need a Micro USB connector with all of the pins broken out, you know where to get it! Since you're awesome and read this post, here's a discount code for $1.00 off: ADF6EE7. Cheers!

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