More Online EDA Thoughts - Upverter/Circuits.IO

posted on 30 Jan 2013 | comparison

Some little annoyances I came up with as I was drawing out a simple Micro USB breakout board.


  • A layout measurement tool would help while drawing part footprints
  • Can't set default part prefix when creating/editing a part
  • The part update notification is great, but could use some ironing

  • Footprint rotation is in radians? Seriously?
  • No way to edit text in layout
  • Can't put text on a copper layer
  • Tooltips can really get in your way (a problem when you're zoomed in on a layout)
  • Orders allow negative qty all the way up until order submission
  • Credit card details are saved without any permission (not okay!)
  • What's with the project urls?


  • Footprint creation is clunky terrifying (bad enough I didn't even try to finish making my part).
  • On the schematic symbol editor (, the user as asked to enter a 'coma-separated list' comma.
  • Schematic symbol page shows a hex number for the user: #<User:0x00000009b39c60>
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