Journal: Starting out with Nancy on Mono Pt.2

posted on 15 Dec 2012 | words

Hello world is great, but it's time for some real code. I plan to develop a simple flash-card style application to help me study organic chemistry.

I'll be developing on Debian Testing/Mono with MonoDevelop.

FAIL. Stop reading now, I gave up with Massive and am switching over to EntityFramework. Thus, I am currently building Mono from source.


I don't like the XML mappings that are used with NHibernate, so I am going to use the excellent "Massive" from Rob Connery. Since I'm using MySQL, I'll be working with Alexander Nyquist's MySQL fork of Massive.

Why Massive?

Tiny and simple, a perfect compliment for our tiny and simple web framework.

First things first, let's fork massive-mysql. I put it into a separate project; you don't have to. Whichever route you choose, you'll have to add some references to your project.

In the project that contains your Massive.*.cs file:

  • Install from NuGet
  • Add references to:
    • Microsoft.CSharp
    • System.Configuration
    • System.Core
    • System.Data
    • System.Data.Linq
    • System.Dynamic

Let's check that everything compiles and move on to some code.

My project after adding references


The first code I'll write is the ORM code. To prepare, I have drawn a rough diagram of the tables the app will need.

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