Working on a Droid RAZR HD Maxx Case

posted on 17 Nov 2012 | making | printing

Available on Thingiverse:

My workflow for this sort of project is to start by designing the part my custom piece needs to fit - so I started by designing my phone.

Once I had a decent model of the phone, I started working on the dock prototype. It didn't take long to realize I would need to print a partial prototype to verify that the micro USB connector fit correctly.

Once the micro USB slot was verified, I polished the design - for example, by adding this cable strain relief slot to the base.

There are three 130mm long x 6.35mm square spaces internal to the base to allow weight to be added mid-print.

I was pretty worried about this working correctly - I had never designed or printed anything that must be paused mid-print. Other than being fairly inconvenient, it worked out great.

I am very happy with how the dock turned out. It's well weighted and everything fits. I am holding off on final assembly (gluing the USB connector in place) until I discover the proper resistor value to put this phone into dock mode. I plan to use a fancy resistor box at work to accomplish this - I should have it done within the week.

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