Building GMediaRender on LMDE

posted on 29 Nov 2012 | linux

Note: I don't know that this will work for you. It builds fine on my system, but gmediarender --list-outputs shows only "Dummy output module (default)". If you have better luck, let me know!

This is a short tutorial for building GMediaRender on Linux Mint Debian Edition.

I used Henner Zeller's gmrender-resurrect project: he has taken the time to add some great features, for example, volume control and seeking support.

You'll want to grab the source for LibUPNP LibUPNP:

First, extract LibUPNP to an accessible directory

Build it and install the binary to your system directory

cd libupnp-1.6.17
sudo make install

Get the source for gmrender-resurrect

git clone git://
cd gmrender-resurrect

Edit, add "-lm" to CFLAGS (near line 22)

Build and install

sudo make install  
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