3D Printed Headphones

posted on 13 Oct 2012 | making | printing

The Sony MDR-V500 headphones were marketed as budget DJ headphones. They sound 'good enough' and are extremely durable. Their biggest fault is that they are on-the-ear headphones instead of the more comfortable over-the-ear type. I set out to fix that with a bit of 3D printing.

Mod Results I did not complete this mod.

I neglected to take a 'before' picture, so here's one from someone else:

Source: Playderecord.com

In-Progress Photos

Modification Process

First, I modeled the two part enclosure in Solidworks. When this was complete, I tweaked the dimensions to allow for pads with a diameter 3cm larger than the original.

To install the larger enclosures, the original enclosures must be removed and the drivers extracted.

First, remove the pads and the three screws under them. Carefully remove the foam that is glued over the driver.

Separate the two halves of the enclosure. Flip the inner half around and remove the driver by twisting it slightly.

Once the driver is free, the headphone wires will need to be removed. Grab a soldering iron and remove the wires one at a time.

Cut the zip tie inside and pull the wire out from the enclosure. The enclosure can now be removed from the headband.

Save the nice rubber strain relief piece for the new enclosure.

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