Maker Faire 2012

posted on 29 Sep 2012 | words

A friend asked what got my attention at Maker Faire. My response:

Everything on the Make Live stage was amazing. Intel's futurist, Brian David Johnson, had a very interesting talk. The makerspace panel was absolutely stunning; life changing, even.

I was super impressed by the Rostock Max printer ( (re)Designed by a bunch of injection molding guys. They'll be shipping kits of the hard-to-print parts alongside their full kits. These guys had a really neat injection molded business card! I'll post pictures soon.

Trinity Labs ( is absolutely AMAZING. They have Mike Payson (maxbots), Triffid Hunter, and Arthur Wolf on the payroll. They're moving forward on the excellent Smoothieboard, and have a very sturdy MendelMax offering. Think: single linear motion extrusion on the y axis rather than a pair. Eric took a lot of time to talk to me; it was pretty cool to connect over our plans to build Rostocks.

Listened (and asked a lot of questions) to Edward P. Ryan (, a patent attorney. He was great, and gave me a few good bits of information that I didn't know before. For example, if you create a PCB that, once populated, will infringe upon a patent, selling the bare PCB puts you at risk for a suit.

Qu-Bd ( gave me a few feet of their 'nanolinks' mini cable chain. At $3/foot, it's awesome and affordable!

I enjoyed seeing the DLP resin printers. Stunning resolution, but the cured plastic isn't very rigid. It's also best in one color - red - because they're using visible-color (blue?) curing plastic. I think I'll wait until someone's built a specialized UV projector.

iDigi gave me a business card with a bare XBee board. If I can find a BOM, I'm going to populate it ;)

The Shopbot tools on display were impressive - they had a CNC-lathe combo on display! I wouldn't want one for the house, but would definitely reccomend to otherse.

I glanced the Helios Robot ( Looked like an interesting toy.

I enjoyed seeing the AeroQuad ( multicopters buzzing about all day. They also have very impressive business cards (as much as a paper business card can be impressive).

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