Settlers of Catan!

posted on 18 Jan 2012 | making | printing

I have been a Settlers of Catan addict for the past two years. If you enjoy board games and you have not had the chance to play this one, you are really missing out.

Long ago, I lost one of the white settlements. As I now own a functional 3d printer, I thought I might print a replacement. When I found that someone had already uploaded models of the Catan settlements, cities, and roads to thingiverse, I decided to print an entire set of pieces.

This was my first print in two weeks. Not long ago, I switched to grey plastic and found its thermal properties different from the transparent blue plastic I am used to. I had to recalibrate a number of settings, and my prints still have not reached the level of quality I would like to see. Once I have reached a higher level of quality, I will reprint this set. In the meantime, it is definitely suitable for use.

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